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Premium CBD products come from premium hemp and other ingredients.  Purelov uses only premium USA organically grown hemp in our  products.  Then we label with transparency to let you know exactly what you are getting with each product.  You can check here to see the testing certificate (COA) for each product for sale on our site.

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When I worked as a physical therapist, I learned how many people are troubled by chronic pain and arthritis that is not eliminated by conventional medical care.  I always wished there were more products that folks could use to help themselves.

As a mom, I wanted the best products for my family. I tried CBD for our beloved, aging family dog.  I found that it worked surprisingly well for pain relief and brought her wag back!  Next I gave CBD to my rescue horse — it got her trotting again, and avoided costly and invasive joint injections.  Then, I tried it for myself and friends. It decreased our need for ibuprofen after tennis for our joints and helped with my rosacea.  I also noticed it helped with sleep.

I began a search for the best product source on the market. I was disturbed by the lack of transparency in labeling.  Many products contained unsafe ingredients (such as lead, arsenic, pesticides, etc).  So, I decided to launch a brand designed for entire families — both humans and pets.  Here it is:  from my family to yours.

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