lab results

thoroughly tested


lab results

thoroughly tested

Premium purelov CBD products come from premium hemp and other ingredients.  Purelov uses only USA organically grown hemp in our products.  Then we label with transparency to let you know exactly how much CBD you are getting with each product and you can see that products do not contain THC or unsafe levels of undesirable ingredients like lead and molds.  You can check here to see the testing certificate (COA) for each product for sale on our site.

Certificates of Analysis

10 mg CBD softgel

25 mg CBD softgel

25 mg CBD softgel w/ 10 mg curcumin

10 mg CBD face masque

2 mg CBD dog chew

10 mg CBD calm + balance dog chew

10 mg CBD hip + joint dog chew

purelov COA 10 mg hip and joint chew

horse products - coming soon!

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