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gabrielle's story

how CBD helped me (& my dog)

Over the years, sleep trouble and severe cramps have been a perpetual source of pain and distress for me.  After sampling a variety of other products, I discovered purelov CBD and I have been a loyal customer since.  Their products have been invaluable in relieving my discomforts, allowing me to live a significantly more fulfilling lifestyle.  Not only are their products remarkably effective and reliable; the people behind the company truly care about their customers.  After having such great success in my own body, I began feeding my dog purelov CBD products to relieve his hip pain.  This has notably improved his mobility and level of comfort.  I can’t thank purelov enough for providing me with such a useful resource for healing for me and my dog!

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purelov: premium broad spectrum CBD products

At Purelov, we offer the highest quality broad spectrum CBD products. Broad spectrum means that our products have absolutely no THC. None. 0%. All of our CBD is extracted from premium hemp plants that are grown organically in the United States of America.

CBD for your dog

It’s important to know exactly what you are giving your pets. Did you know that THC effects dogs 10x more than humans? This is why broad spectrum hemp is the best option when it comes to CBD for dogs. We recommend starting with a small amount to understand how CBD will effect your pup.

CBD for your horse

Horses are tough, but they need relief too. That’s why we made a CBD product line formulated specifically for your equine companion. At Purelov, we passionately believe that you should always choose CBD products that are lab tested, clearly labeled, and made from organically grown hemp. Learn more about CBD for horses.


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